There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Welcome to SHOWCASE! We explore Object & Idea. A poem and a prose piece are selected for each monthly issue, and the authors answer questions about the meaning behind their work. 

Every author can submit one poem or prose piece for three weeks before the launch of each issue, or multiple pieces for a fee during the same period.  We publish monthly and generally in the 3rd full week of each month via Substack.

Please explore our magazine published at SHOWCASE!

Showcase pays $50 upon acceptance in each category and is sent to over 30,000 readers and writers.

General note on best practices:

Please make sure to submit to the correct category. We wont read poems submitted to prose and vice versa. Please be sure there are no typos in the submission info. Please format your prose properly, with paragraphs, punctuation, tabs at the beginning of new paragraphs. We receive many submissions and it's helpful to make it easy for us to read. Thanks and take care.